Finally A Film Twilight Saga Fans Can Be Proud Of – Breaking Dawn Part 2 Film Review


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After five film installations of the Stephanie Meyers vampire romance series that shook up the definition of Young Adult Fiction; the final film comes into its own. The Twilight Saga film series (Summit Pictures) has transformed from a horribly over-directed adolescent into a mature plot-driven adult in Breaking Dawn: Part Two.


The novel, Breaking Dawn is divided into three parts: the wedding, Bella’s pregnancy told from the perspective of werewolf best-friend Jacob Black, and the life after Bella is transformed into a vampire. The film, Breaking Dawn: Part Two starts at the exact moment when Bella rises as a member of the undead Cullen family. She finds living as an immortal easier than her clumsy human teen life. Life is peachy until the vampire rulers learn of her child who is mistaken as a vampire child, which is a capital offense. The Cullens and the werewolves join forces one last time; and enlist help from a ragtag group of vampires from around the world. The supernatural join forces to prove that the child was born not created, or else they will face certain death by the ruthless Volturi.

Gone are the cheesy hazy scenes that mirror Harelquine novels, the cheap vampire glitter skin, comical inner-monologue scenes with werewolves and terrible contacts (thanks to great colorists). Even Kristen Stewart’s acting style that has been the fodder of countless YouTube parodies because of her crossed-eyed camera closeups and appearing in need desperate need of a Ducalax — all gone. She is actually quite good in this film.



Hats off to director Bill Condon; he has done it! Unlike the previous films that seemed to try to appeal to non-romantic film fans (adolescent boys); Condon focused on the telling the story and not the gimmicks. His final installation of the series is brilliant. The pacing that is true-to-the-book makes the film fascinating. Condon’s film let’s the fans of the books and those who have not read the series equally enjoy being a fly on the wall of the vampire kitsch that is a unique vampire species created by Myers.



The only disappointment I have with the film is the final curtain bow like credits. All the major and supporting cast members, including the two actress who played Victoria are given credit; except the actor who plays the tipping point of the Bella/Edward romance, Tyler Crowley. It’s a same as the character played a larger role in the books and in the words of Sherri Shepherd’s son: “another brown boy has disappeared.”

Here is your final bow Gregory Tyree Boyce:

Gregory Tyree Boyce not listed in final film credits for Breaking Dawn: Part Two

Now that the series is over what are romance film lovers to do. I guess wait for the highly anticipated reluctant dom Edward transforming into Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptations.