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#1, Check out NYCDanceSpaces.Org So many visual artists, dancers, musicians and actors alike complain that they have no place to rehearse and lets face it, nyc is not known for it’s large apartments.  Many times artists end up not preparing for auditions like they should or they don’t expand into things like having their own production company or band because of a lack of space to rehearse.  Well now you can go to NYCDanceSpaces.Org and search for every type of space in every price range including ones that are free and have discounts for not for profit groups.  It’s a great resources to find exactly what kind of space you need and get out there in 2011!

#2 If your looking to get inspired and think outside the box, than you should go see “Friends of Dorthy: and Oz Cabaret” Influenced by the traditions of burlesque, vaudeville and circus, “Friends of Dorothy: An Oz Cabaret” brings a fun modern edge to the classic Wizard of Oz story, featuring some of NYC’s best in burlesque, drag, aerialists, magic, and the downtown performing art scene! Check it out Jan 6th-9th!

#3 We all know as Artists that it’s not all fun, we need to put in the work and make sure we are up to date on what is going on.  For example as an actor you should definitely be reading plays and books that inspire you to be a better artist.  And if you have a library card you can get all the info and inspiration you need for FREE! I know it sounds simple but so many artists out there dont take advantage of this great resource that NYC has to offer.  And it’s so simple to get one you can go online at NYPL.org or of course go to your local library.  And when you have a little extra time, go to some of the other libraries throughout the city, like the library for the performing arts, at 40 lincoln center! One of the worlds most extensive libraries for the arts!