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Happy Valentine’s Day From WBAI’s Artsy Fartsy Show Crew.

We have a special treat for you. Its a bit like a box of chocolates. Everything you could want from the Artsy Fartsy Show on Valentine’s Day.

Our program on Feb 1. 2011: Love and Art was pre-empted because of the Egyptian uprising coverage. But have no fear our dear listeners! We have it hear for you.

Artsy Fartsy Show on WBAI 99.5FM panel discussion about the culture of falling in love in NYC. HowAboutWe.com, Brian Schechter and Erin Scottberg share their experiences and provide insight on the influences of web and romance as they joint the Artsy Fartsy Crew’s love panel. Kaitlyn Prest from Canada sent in an audio art piece: When you collaborate and fall in love. Melissa Silver gives the rundown of what happened during the SAG awards and Jon Braman performs from his new album with Arthur Lewis.

Artsy Fartsy Show: Love and Art Feb 1, 2011