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A big thanks to all of our guests on today’s Artsy Fartsy show!

Thanks to Jocey Florence, Artistic Coordinator of Ars Nova, and performer Justin Levine for sharing 54/10 with us!

Don’t forget to check out the Ars Nova 54/10 Music Festival from June 14th-25th! I hope you enjoyed Justin Levine’s performance as much as we on the other end of the radio did. You can see him perform live as part of the festival on June 24th. Purchase your tickets to see Levine here.

Oh, and don’t worry- we’re bringing you Ars Nova coverage ALL WEEK LONG: Check out The Artsy Fartsy Blog on Thursday for “10 Questions with Natalie Elizabeth Weiss of Unicornicopia,” who will talk about her upcoming performance as part of the 54/10 music festival!

Thanks to Joey Marsocci (Dr. Grymm) and Diana Pho (Ay-Leen The Peacemaker) for talking to us about Steampunk!

Did you like the sounds of Steampunk that you heard today?

Professor Elemental, “Splendid” off of The Indifference Engine
Voltaire, “This Ship’s Going Down” off of To The Bottom Of The Sea
Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band, “Lonesome Vagabond” off of Reign of Revelry

Ay-leen the Peacemaker - Photo Credit Fox O'Rian

Dr. Grymm