Disney/Pixars Cars 2 is a rip roaring roller coaster of fun for the family.

Racing around the world to demonstrate the wonders of alternative fuel, McQueen and his pit crew of friends return for another adventure in Pixar’s Cars 2. This film is sure to be a kid and family favorite this summer, also has a pretty intelligent spy story as Meter (Larry the Cable Guy) gets mistaken for an American car spy who is in cohouts with British Spy intelliegence to get down to the bottom of the bad guys on the oil rig.

Its got good laughs and kept the kids at the edge of their seats with the fast roaring animation against the European landscapes of Italy, Paris, London and the very funny American tourist bits in Toyko. Alas, it can’t help but wonder how Japan will fair in the automobile industry post earthquake. But in light of it all the original film which was to spike younger audiences appreciate to the finer things American: american enginuity in automobile design. Cars 2 embarks on green automobile alternative without throwing it down your throat to regeritate it back up as in Happy Feet. Albeit, it doesn’t make a clear political stance.
Have kids, like cars, love animation: go see Cars 2.