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Armed with still holding up fringe program, nicely marked up playbill, tickets, postcard and THE GRID with blue lines for schedule.

August 14, 2011 — Saturday was a great day of Fringe play going. The
trains were a mess, so I was late going to my first scheduled play,
<em><b>Cowplay</b></em>. But it was kinda a blessing in disguised, I
went through my now weathered Fringe program for a show to fill in the
gap. And out of nowhere a play I never saw before in the program
appeared, <b><em>Pawn</b></em>.

I shuffled over to East 4th Street to the side-by-side theatres with 4-letter word play titles starting approximately at the same time, I almost got the wrong tickets and thankfully the Fringe volunteer was particular about were I stood in the non-existent line, I said I’ll look around the block.

Realizing I was at the wrong theatre blessing in disguised #2, I found
the correct play and saw what I am calling a must-see musical of the

Then I went to Le Poisson Rouge which in my opinion is one of coolest venues, and they do a lot of creative artsy stuff throughout the year. Here I watched the epitome of Fringe style: the parody. Gleeam was one of my scheduled performances and then we rushed to the next show which wasnt on schedule, about 5-6 blocks away for a solid one-man show, Life Insurance.

The night before I was disappointed with my show selections but Saturday’s shows were overall great, solid performances to absolutely amazing!

The Lesson from my previous Producing experience: Many times its down to the show image and a concise description without curly cues on intellect to draw an audience in.

The larger lesson from the audience: You never know what you are going to get and allow yourself to be presently surprised.

What I saw: Pawn, Gleeam, and Life Insurance

What is next on my schedule: Wallstories, Jersey Shoresical, The Legend of Julie Taymor, **Fright Night — taking a break from reviewing theatre to do film** and whatever catches my fancy.