When I think Fringe Festival I think of lots of musical parodies on pop culture. Gleeam typifies this in a fun, short musical parody of the hit tv show, Glee and horror film, Scream.

Landless Theatre Company (Visiting from Washington DC) pokes fun at the sensational hit Glee. They leave no formula of the program out including ratings, mash ups (which are “copyright songs that they can get away with by performing them into parody or satires), the character types and the celebrity guest Substitute Teacher plots to get the Glee teacher laid.

The lead singer of the glee club, Drama Queen is killed by a killer
wack job that Black Girl, Gay Kid, and Wheelchair Kid believe is
Sensitive Jock. But they can’t be for sure other than when Slutty
Slut, Tough Jock, Pregnant Slut and others are murder left and right
they have to figure it out to save themselves.

I sat next to a new NYC transplant actor, Dave Bobb, who worked with
the company in Washington DC.

What did you think of the show?

Dave Bobb: I thought it was good fun version of they style of
paradying life. They don’t take life so seriously and put it on Stage.

What did you plays have you worked on with Landless Theater Company?

Dave Bobb: President Harding is a Rock Star, a play that
didn’t do so well in NYC for the playwright and he didn’t want to let
us do it originally. But it was a hit in DC.

What is unique about this company?

Dave Bobb: Andrew (Andrew Lloyd Baughman, Producing Artistic Director)
is working to become the Ed Wood of musical theater. He is brave and
willing to suck, in a good way…. He is willing to take risks having unique and specific actors instead of blaise. He seeks out their spirit and a spirit that is not mainstream.

Gleeam is a creative and fun to watch. Its a nice Fringe Show that can
be enjoyed by all. I say skip the Glee re-runs doing the Fringe and go
see Gleeam at the Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St, Manhattan.