Fright Night is a thrill ride of chills with crafty humor. 

I love a great thriller. I can remember some great thrillers from the 80’s, Sneakers being one of my favorites. But when it came to the original Fright Night (1985- Tom Holland, writer) is wasn’t as enthused nor remember it very much. My review is completely based on this film not a comparison.


Colin Farrell is so hot. He can bite me with his allegator teeth any day. – Overheard, Audience Member after the film.

Director, Craig Gillespie and Writers, Tom Holland & Marti Noxon remake  Fright Night which opens Aug. 19th through Touchtone Pictures. The film opening right off with spine tingle suspense: a teenage boy trying to escape something that is chasing him, killing his family, and leaving him to fend for himself with a locked gun and a scary monster mouth leaning over him. But he is not the only one to see a grishly demise. Kids are dissappearing from the classroom roll call except for the Average Kid, Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) who dropped his dweebish friends to “grow up” and get a girlfriend. The girlfriend, Amy (Imogen Poots), her popular friends the handsome kid (Dave Franco, the younger brother of James Franco) and the Emo kid, Ben (Reid Ewing of “Modern Family”). His old best friend, Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) has noticed the disappearences and desperately wants to pull Charley in again to their fantasy world of supernatural play but, this time he has discovered a real monster (Vampire Jerry played by Colin Farrell) living right next store to Charely.

Charely is lured in as he tries to keep his girlfriend out of the loop, his mother (Toni Collete) from answering the door letting the handsome new neighbor and the Las Vegas Vampire Slayer, Peter Vincent (David Tennant, “Dr. Who” & BBC Radio 4 “Double Income, No Kids Yet”) to help him kill Vampire Jerry before its too late.

The make-up and effects transforming handsome (non-Twilight esque) Vampire Jerry into a horror vampire is good. And yes, the vampire teeth look like Critter.  I usually dislike 3D but the Real D 3D effects in Fright Night are very impressive and actually pop out of the screen.