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Les Enfrants Teribles will perform "Stimulated" at NYC Fringe

The Les Enfants Terribles, a collaborative ensemble from Chicago are now performing the highly imaginative play, Stimulated, at CSV SEA on Suffolk Street part of the New York International Fringe Festival.

Seven peculiar looking characters (a cross of Ralph Bakshi and the teletubies) reflect our culture of needed to be constantly stimulated. Depicted in little etudes that range from the desperation for a cigarette to working relying on the synthetic energy of Red Bull, to the got-to-have frenzy to have the latest
“iCherry” till one sells his kidney for the 2.0 version of the iCherry pad (an illustration of a the reality- a Chinese teen sold his kidney so he could purchase Apple products); Les Enfants Terribles make you laugh and cringe at our own living ludicrousness of “need”.

Stimulated! is an interactive piece that is like watching a firework show till you are wide eyed at the explosive finale. The final statement is in our court, is our constant need for consumption and our way of communicating only through social networks like the ultimate bringe on every kind of drug?

The next time I visit Chicago, I am compelled to look for this company.