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There are three things I will say about Conan: The Barbarian (Lionsgate) and then expound upon more later. Its late folks and I’ve been Fringing all week.

1. If you are a fan of the original Conan, a serious fan, you most likely will be dissapointed in this remake of the 80’s classic Conan The Barbarian.

2. If you do decide to go. Save the $17 Manhattan 3D ticket price and see this one in 2D. Actually, if you must see something 80’s remake-y in 3D, then go see Fright Night, also opening this friday. The 3D is great and actually pops out of the screen.

3. Rose McGowen, as Marique  is terrific, but even she can’t hold up this totally predictable remake. The big suprise was that her evildoer death was a massive disappointment.


So folks that’s my three things, until tomorrow… this should help you decide whether to see a film to relive your 80’s childhood or stay in the present.