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Do you know your rights on the social networks?
We love social networks? We can’t leave our social networks? Some of us live on our social networks 24/7. But is this more harmful than our sometimes false sense of connectedness. What about what you post on the internet and how it can come back to haunt you and your work.Today we discuss what artists should know about posting their intellectual property on the internet, how you can protect yourself and what to do when the photo of yourself is your intellectual property. Are social networks a social haven waiting to become the next Getty Images for photo and conent?Budgeting with no money to budget

Everyday we turn on the news in the morning and when we go to bed at night, we hear reports about the International markets and how tomorrow will be another down day at the Dow. With the debt ceiling squabbling, the countries lower credit rating and omnimous talks of double dip, what does this mean to your bottom line. And what about those whose bottom line is month-to-month.

Spencer Howard gives us some tips and advice on what we can do when you are below income.

Nil’s F’Up Day: 

The Cast joins us in studio to talk about being in the International Fringe Festival, the play and experimental theatre.

NILS wakes up into a completely fucked up day. He broke up with his bitch girlfriend the night before. HANS, his best friend, is a braindead asshole. His roommates are a couple of lesbians who will not let him into a threesome. HEIDI, one of the lesbians, is the girl NILS loves, but this love is not gonna happen… ever. PECA, the playwright who pays NILS’ rent, who is NILS’ absolute idol, tells him to suck his dick. There are news on TV about the imminent end of the world. NILS’ mother, an ex porn star, dies. POPS, NILS’ older brother, a crackhead, brings an envelope from PECA. POPS begs for crack. What choice does Nils actually have?Maybe it’s more to life (or death) than this.

Described by some critics as the “most obscene play in the Romanian theatre”, Nils’ Fucked Up Day by Peca Ştefan is a sarcastic, trashy, punk existentialist take on the fucked up choices we have in this fucked up world. Starting 2011, the play is outrageously performed in English & Ro-English by Romanian actors.

The cast is made up of 5 of the best young actors in Bucharest, in the tradition of the MONDAY Theatre. Some of them have been in the films of the new wave in Romanian cinema and are currently appearing on stage in Bucharest in both mainstream and indie theatres such as Bulandra, Teatrul Mic, Teatrul de Comedie and Teatrul ACT.

For more info on Nil’s Fucked Up Day

Performing This Week! Lisa Dalton!

A. Chekhov’s The Darling

Lisa will perform a snippet from her one-woman show now apart of the New York International Fringe Festival.

Is Olenka the object of pity, ridicule or admiration? You decide! Possibly still politically incorrect, Anton Chekhov’s humorous, touching love story with fireworks, a timber yard battle and samovar tea party is rendered as a one-woman comedy show by award-winning actress, Lisa Dalton.Writer: Anton Chekhov, new translation by Victor S. Tkachenko with Lisa Dalton
Director: Victor S. Tkachenko

IATI Theater
64 East 4th Street
(between The Bowery and Second Avenue)
New York, NY  10003
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