Although initially denied entry to Paper Cut at CSV Kabayitos by the Venue Director, I was glad I was able to get one of the last seats at the Saturday night performance. Paper Cut is a one woman show chronicling the downward spiral of a quirky, lonely secretary called Ruth Spencer. As the secretary to the faceless and omni-important Mr. McCormack, Ms. Spencer is responsible for everything from submitting the most important contract in the company’s history to writing love notes to his mistresses. As an escape from her work life, Ms. Spencer creates wonderfully weird fantasies with paper dolls. All is great in play land until a mysterious paper doll appears and shares a strange story which upsets her perfect paper existence, spiraling things into a dangerous direction. At the same time as Ms. Spencer’s paper world seems to be collapsing, her real world unravels as well. However, the show ends on a high note and at an easily doable 50 minutes, you should be able to squeeze it into your schedule, even if it’s as busy as Mr. McCormack’s (just see it, you’ll know what I mean).

Paper Cut was written, directed and stars Yael Rasooly, who mentioned that this was her first time performing in New York. She delivers a great performance, which even includes some old-timey singing! There are 3 remaining shows.

8/24 6:15

8/25 5:15

8/27 3