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Jerry Sullivan’s life is a mess. Having just returned from a stint in the hospital for a mysterious nervous breakdown he suffered, he now lives with his neurotic mother in a tiny apartment in New York City. Oh, and he’s 40. And mommy recently saw the ghost of her dead husband who told her that Jerry’s girlfriend is a banshee.

Touching on family loyalty, betrayal, guilt, the soul and warnings from the beyond Banshee is really able to put in many levels of action into 90 minutes. As I was trying to explain to a friend what the show was about, I found myself taking nearly 90 minutes to do so. Not necessarily a bad thing. Banshee, which was written by Brian C. Petti and produced by Cynthia Topps, is a bit of a thriller, with some weird dream sequences, and of course plenty of screaming. The acting here was very impressive all around, with everyone able to beautifully grasp the heavy nature of the play.

There is one more show on Saturday at noon, and unless Hurricane Irene stands in your way I highly recommend checking it out. I wish this show the best.

[Photo credit: Gina Macari]