Timothy Haskell and Bobby Ferrara bring zombies to the Bronx. The undead run, scream and scare the living in the short, but awesome Nightmare: Z-Day. When you enter you meet a scientist, who boasts his amazing re-animator serum. From there it takes off. The attraction is an a warehouse deep in the Bronx, and it’s rather out of the way if you live in Lower Manhattan like I do. However, if you can make your way up there this is one of the more fun haunted houses I’ve been to this season. Without giving too much away, I can say the whole thing is about 10 minutes or less, and you meet many zombies and even some survivors. What sets this house apart is the stories behind the characters. Rather than just walking through a maze and having zombies chase you, you actually meet some of the characters, their brief monologues are quiet enjoyable. Tickets are cheap, and even cheaper for students so if you can get there, go!