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Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 1) finally doesnt disappoint film lovers who love the books.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One is Checkmate!

Film Review

It’s been a interesting journey for the creative team of the Twilight film series. It should – as it has had a different director for each film installment of the young adult book series written by Stephanie Meyers. The problem: each director seemed utterly perplexed on how to tackle the fantasy genre and vampire life created by the author.

Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) has finally bridge better filmmaking to the book series film adaptation as he helms the director’s chair of “Breaking Dawn”.

The fourth book of the Twilight series, “Breaking Dawn” has been divided up into two parts; part one, opening today (11/18/2011) and part two, 11/16/2012).

In “Breaking Dawn” the vampire/human teen couple Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) grow up and marry. However the honeymoon comes to an end when Bella discovers she is pregnant. Edward and the Cullens attempt to take care of Bella but the fetus is quickly growing and threatening her life. Her best friend/werewolf, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) leaves his pack to protect the Bella from the werewolves that want to kill the potential monster vampire baby before it’s born.

Bill Condon’s direction of the film is spot on and clear.  He has made major improvements to the approach of the film and pacing of the plot. There are some areas from the first three film installations that are still problematic.

Improvements and Problematic Areas:

The werewolves scenes are much stronger than Chris Weitz’s New Moon, but they are still a problems. The scenes with talking werewolves is  an example of this were the CGI wolves completely stops the action and becomes corny.

The soap opera writing techniques  (Melissa Rosenberg) miss the mark. Important plot details could have added depth to the heightened themes instead spouting them out at the after the moment had past.

The acting range of the leads is so limited that it makes it difficult to care for the characters, if you havent read the books. However, the supporting cast members are superb as they have been throughout the series. Billy Burke as Charlie Swan, Bella’s father; Anna Kendrick as friend, Jessica, Peter Facinelli, Carlise Cullen always light up the screen giving depth to the lead characters, Bella and Edward. Also, Julia Jones (Leah) is wonderful playing the ousts female werewolf and Sarah Clarke performance is delightful but as Bella’s mother.

Sarah Clarke as Bella's Mom (Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattenson)

The golden eyes of the vegetarian vampire don’t appear like ill-fitted contacts of a B-film.

The subtle homages to the book cover was wonderful and added to challenge of sexual abstinence in a creative way.

Some of the mis-Hype:

The birth is not as graphic as it was hyped up to be.

The famous honeymoon sex scene was more smoozey than smutty; and more like a cover of a Fabio romance novel.

FOR BOOK LOVERS: the Wonderful Moments that were not Hyped:

The transformation of Bella from ill to vampire is spectacular.

The Renesmee sneak peak is also fun.

If you are a lover of film and the Twilight book series, this film installment will not disappoint. The film portrays all the points of the book that are loved and a few additions will ensure an enjoyable night at the cinema.