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This week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: A Year of a Difference

Airing Tuesday November 22, 2011 at 2pm EST On WBAI 99.5FM and online artsyfartsyshow.com

Last year Julia Cameron said that you can make a huge impact on your artistic life in one year. Today we will talk with artists who have just done that. Their lives have changed considerably in one year and the they are not coasting but using their success to develop new works and new ideas.

Our segments this week.


Jesse Eisenberg, a native New Yorker, has been an actor for a long time. His not the only one in his family who has taken on the bright lights of theatre and film, his sister Hallie Kate Eisenberg, is and actress known for as quirky Pepsi girl.

Jesse has been acting since the age 10, and has had acting success from provocative indie films such as The Squid and the Whale and The Education of Charlie Banks.

Last year he had a whirlwind of a year with the fiction bio-pic about the phenomenon of the social network, Facebook as he portrayed its founder, Mark Zuckerberg in the David Fincher’s Social Network. Since 2010, he garnered numerous acting nominations including an Academy Award and BAFTA Nominations for lead acting.

Now he joins us to talk about his exciting and thought-provoking new play ASUNCION written by Eisenberg, directed by Kip Fagen now playing at the Cherry Lane Theatre. ASUNCION produced by the Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre threads the superficial lines of assumption through racial ideals and racial acceptance.

Jesse plays Edgar, a self-anointed journalist who has been crashing on the bean bag chair of Black Studies TA, Vinny (Justin Bartha). When Edgar’s brother Stuart (Remy Auberjonois) drops off his bubbly new Filipina-American wife Asuncion (Camille Mana) to stay for a few days, Vinny agrees while Edgar has reservation due to his assumptions that Asuncion is a sex worker. Despite his white guilt, Edgar sees Asuncion as a opportunity to write a great journalistic expose.

ASUNCION written by Jesse Eisenberg stars: Camille Mana, Justin Bartha, Jesse Eisenberg and Remy Auberjonois

Jesse has another exciting year ahead of him as he dons on the hats of playwright and actor. He joins us in studio with the actors of the play ASUNCION Camille Mana, Justin Bartha, and Remy Auberjonois.

Are you a Theater Artist, student, or under 30?
Go to Rattlestick’s Facebook page for information on discounted tickets just for you!


November 22nd marks our year anniversary of the Artsy Fartsy Show, Hollis Witherspoon looks back at our year and the culture of creating an arts magazine show for radio. She gives you a behind the scenes perspective of the show that was so controversial by the rhyming of two little words.


Continuing with this week’s theme of how you life can be changed artistically in just one year. Nikki Dinki looks at the foodie side of art.

Brucies in Cobble Hill Brooklyn Serving Classic Dishes with an Artistic Twist

Brucie, nestled in Cobble Hill invites people in with promise of fresh ingredients, classics with a twist and an all around cozy environment which is constantly a buzz with foodies and locals alike.  This unique Italian restaurant is also half market allowing you to take away some of the key ingredients and have a truly “Brucie” experience at home.  Recently our own food guru Nikki Dinki sat down with the young and vivacious chef Zahra Tangorra who is the owner of this impressive new spot. Most interestingly Zahra talked about how much things have changed in the year surrounding the opening Brucie and how at a young age she was able to make Brucie a reality.  This is one chef that will easily make a stand in Brooklyn and show everyone that if you have the passion and the creative spirit you can make great things happen.


Jon Braman, the Artsy Fartsy Show resident hip-hop Yuke man.


Doris Cellar - November 2011 AF Sessions

Come down to WBAI for our AF Sessions with Doris Cellar. Its a free concert for our listeners before the live broadcast.

What makes the AF Sessions special is a physical audience sits in on the session and has  an enhanced concert experience.  The artists that are on the brink of becoming the next  big thing, share their stories and the artistic process behind the songs they perform. The AF Sessions artists come from an array of genres and styles, and foremost are diverse in  originality, creativity and have a unique sound.

The limited seats are free and audience members can sign up by calling WBAI (212-209-2800) or by reserving on the Artsy Fartsy Show website (artsyfartsyshow.com).

To join the studio audience of the AF Sessions visit artsyfartsyshow.com/af-sessions or call WBAI at (212) 209-2800 to reserve your seat. Listen to AF Sessions broadcasts on the Artsy Fartsy Show on 99.5FM in New York City or online http://stream.wbai.org. Join us on the AF Session Tuesday, performance 1:15-1:45pm stay for the 2pm live broadcast and be apart of our live on-air audience.

FACEBOOK RSVP (but you still need to call or email)


Listen to Doris Cellar:


AF Sessions Alums: The Lisps, Milano, Stately Ghosts.
Upcoming Artists: Dorris Cellar (November 29th, 2011) Cosmos Says Hello (December 13, 2011)


I want to thank you, our listeners and followers for tuning into the Artsy Fartsy Show each week. Its been an amazing year and we have learned so much from our listeners as you share your own stories and thoughts on art. I hope that our program continues to bridge art to you of all kinds even the stuff you may feel is a little too artsy fartsy  for your own tastes. I also want to thank all of our wonderful guests who have sat with us in studio, on the phone and in cafes and restaurants. Thank you for sharing your art and your stories. We’ve had so many wonderful guests and performers who join us every week and we thank you for passing the flame of inspiration to our listeners.

I also want to express my huge thanks to all the people who put this show together each week. Thank you for your dedication and your hard work. Thank you for your support and allowing me to collaborate with you each week. You mean the world to me, each of your my wonderful collaborators: Spencer Howard, Hollis Witherspoon, Jon Braman, Peter Gleason, Jack Dourakos, Nikki Dinki, Melissa Silver, Jackie Goldstein, Michael G. Haskins, Reggie Johnson, Danielle Raymo, Kaitlyn Priest and Philip Seidman.

~ Barika Taheer Edwards