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Rev Jen Guest hosts the Artsy Fartsy Show April 10, 2012

ART STARS OPEN MIC: Anti-Slam and the Melting Pot On-Air

This week’s program is a collaboration of two terrific NYC Slam establishments. The Anti-Slam and The Melting Pot. The studio will be filled to the brim with Andy Warhol coined “Art Stars” who regularly participate in the Anti-Slam and the Melting Pot. Anti-Slam, Rev Jen (Elf Girl) and Melting Pot, Jon Braman (Artsy Fartsy Show) will guest host the show.


The Anti-Slam is the concept and creation of Rev Jen which takes place at The Bowery Poetry Club the last Wednesday of every month in New York City.  It began over a decade ago at venue called Collective: Unconscious, in reaction to the Poetry Slam movement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The timely event has spawned a movement of non-traditional performance among Lower East Side based performers who refer to themselves as Art Stars.

Def. Art Stars (P). experimental performers, comedians, poets, storytellers, musicians, and performance artists located in and around New York’s Lower East Side. Appropriated by the New York Lower East Side open mic performance scene, the term “Art Star” was first coined by Andy Warhol. As used by local performers like the Rev. Jen Miller in the mid 1990s, the term came to be used in that community as a tongue-in-cheek way to embody a non-competitive attitude (in which all artists/performers/participants are declared to be “Art Stars”) shared among these performers in an otherwise competitive New York art and performance scene.

Rev Jen’s Anti-Slam Every last Wednesday at the Bowery Poetry Club, 

Check out the next Anti-Slam April 25th at 10

The Bowery Poetry Club 308 Bowery  (Between Houston and Bleecker) F train to 2nd Ave, 6 to Bleecker.

If you liked hearing the Anti-Slam Art Stars buy Rev Jen’s book, Elf Girl with details all their New York City art adventures.

Artsy Fartsy Show Jack Dourakos says its a great book! But don't take his word for it. Da Duh Da...



The Melting Pot 2nd Wednesdays at Pianos on the Lower East Side NYC

Jon Braman (Resident Artsy Fartsy Show Songwriter) co-hosts’ NY’s hottest underground cross-genre jam-session, The Melting Pot Showcase at Piano’s (158 Ludlow St.).  It features the Jon Braman band, Webbafied, Arthur Lewis, Rob Melso, and other performing guests each month. Artists who would not normally have the chance to meet and collaborate, are given that opportunity. It is a place for artists to find recognition, support, and inspiration. There is also a jam session at the end of each event, featuring all performers for that evening.

Check out the next The Melting Pot show Wednesday, April 11, 2012

7:00PM – 10:00PM

The Art Stars Performing Live On This Week’s Show:

Tanya O’Debra, Brer Brian performing “Lift up Yer Kilts”, Courtney Fathom Sell and Faceboy, MaG, Arthur Lewis, Rose Rutledge, Jon Lijo, Robert Melso and Joel Daniels and many more to be announced on-air.