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by Barika Taheer Edwards

For Those Who Still Love Cartoons

Consuming Spirits

Credit: Chris Sullivan

This film is far from a cartoon. 15 years in the making, Consuming Spirits has consumed the life of filmmaker, Chris Sullivan. This experimental animation film uses a range of techniques from animation, pencil drawing, collage and stop motion.

Screenings: Mon 4/23 6pm at CCC, Tue 4/24 4pm at AV & Wed 4/25 7pm at CCC

* see cinema key below

For the Hipster

First Winter

This apocalyptic film seem like it might give me flashbacks of my last nightmare staycation in Woodstock. What was supposed to be a refreshing getaway from NYC ended up being a stay at a  haunted Homeaway.com rental that did not have running water and I was trapped with 8 of my friends who I wanted to tear limb from limb by the end of the trip. If you know what I am talking about then you will have an affinity with this story about a group of hipster who go to a country farmhouse. First Winter is by NYU alum filmmaker Benjamin Dickinson. He has also directed music videos by Q-Tip and LCD Soundsystem – this guy really gets us.

Screenings: Thu 4/19 8:30 AV, Fri 4/20 9:45pm CCC, Thur 4/26 9pm CCC, Sat 4/28 2:30pm AV

For Those Who Have Signed Off of Facebook For Good and Made It to Diaspora.org

High Tech, Low Life

Credit: Stephan Maing

This fascinating documentary probes into the world of anti-censorship rebels by following rouge bloggers in China. Going against the Chinese government is not a simple computer game with hack codes – just ask Ai Weiwei. This film is co-produced by Stephen Maing.

Screenings: Thu 4/19 9:30pm CCC, Sun 4/22 4:30pm CCC, Wed 4/25 1pm AV, Sat 4/18 10pm CCC

Broke Movie Theater Hopper

Tribeca Film Festival Online ITS FREE


This year Tribeca Film Festival is offering a selection of the festival films online where you can watch in the comforts of your own private cozy screening room – your 5th floor walkup apartment.

Not only films but the interactive special events happening around NYC and festival awards ceremonies.

A few films to watch online for Free

The Russian Winter follows John Forte (Fugees)
Credit: Petter Ringbom

The Russian Winter – I can totally relate to Grammy Award-Winner’s John Forte’s experience travelling the Russian country side with his band and collaborating with local Russian musicians. A Documentary by Petter Ringbom.

Online Friday 4/20 at 8:30pm EST

Screenings in Cinemas: 4/20 8:30pm AV, Mon 4/23 5:30pm AV, Tue 4/24 3pm, Wed 4/25 7pm AV

Credit: Heart Stop Beating

Heat Stop Beating ­ an incredible short documentary a surgical heart advancement that seems almost too good to be true. This film is by 2011 Artsy Fartsy Show guest, filmmaker, Jeremiah Zagar.

Online Now

Credit: Doggy Bags

Doggy Bags a short film directed and written by Edward Burns about A young man suspects the girl he is dating to be hiding a secret after she routinely orders massive amounts of food to go.

Online Now

Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

Special Steam EventA Celebration of Universal Studios 100th Anniversary.

Robert De Niro and director Judd Apatow as share their favorite moments and memories from Universal’s extraordinary history. Moderated by Film Editor for Deadline Hollywood Mike Fleming.

*Meryl Streep was slated to be a part of this event but is not due to unforeseen circumstances.


The Budding Filmmaker

Side by Side

Barika will interview Side by Side Director Chris Kenneally and Producer Justin Szlasa on 4/24 broadcast of the Artsy Fartsy Show
Credit: Chris Cassidy

Just look back at the last 10 years in regards to cellphones and personal computer technology. 10 years ago I got my first cellphone. It didn’t even have text message technology and my laptop still said IBM on it. It still does today, despite how my staffers complain about it.  I like the feel of it. Its  vintage, retro.

Now, consider film. It has changed dramatically as well even in ways you may not have considered. A powerhouse group of filmmakers (George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Robert Rodriguez, Walter Murch, David Nolan, David Fincher) join producers Keanu Reeves and Justin Szlasa as they explore the completely transformed film industry.

Screenings: Tue 4/24 8:30pm SVA, Thu 4/26 7pm AV, Fri 4/26 2:30pm AV, Sat 4/28 4pm AV

Radio Alert:

Tune in to the Artsy Fartsy Show Tuesday 4/24 (2pm WBAI 99.5FM) for an interview with Side by Side Director, Chris Kenneally and Producer Justin Szlasa.

Cinema Key:

AV – AMC Village Lowes 7 – 66 3rd Avenue at 11th Street

CCC- Clearview Cinemas Chelsea – 260 West 23rd Street, Between 7th and 8th Ave

SVA – SVA Theatre – 333 West 23rd Street between 8th and 9th Avenues