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Stevie Wonder once said “Music is and always will, be one of those things life just won’t quit”. As our generations come of age, new music evolves and Smokey Robotic, Blue Meadows, and Late Cambrians are leading the way and is creating much buzz.

Artsy Fartsy Show, in conjunction with The Tank NYC, provides a curated mini concert series “AF Sessions” in a cozy, intimate space where you can hear live musicians and bands, and bask in good music. These three bands touch on all sides of the spectrum; from rock to soul, from pop to electronic, and from hip hop to r&b. All of these musical genres clashing together provides a mixture of sounds that make you want to get out your chair in dance to the beat or chill with a couple friends on a roof top with a few beers watching the sunset on the city; whatever your mood maybe, this music will foster it.

I loved the versatility of Smokey Robotic’s album. One minute i’m in a laid back mood and the next minute I’m in a club type of feeling. With the electronic pop sounds of the 80’s and the soulful vocals of the 90’s, it brings back music to where it’s suppose to be: awesome vocals, catchy beat, and meaningful lyrics. I can’t wait to hear them live.

Blue Meadows or “Black Beatles” are just that: Black Beatles. While listening to their “One Day Too Late” track, I felt as though I was listening to a white male rock band. The fact that these brothers can cross genres and introduce people to new sounds and soulful vocals with the guitar riffing in the background the epitome of transcending broader audiences and reaching new musical heights. I would love to see more of their work in the future. Talent indeed.

Late Cambrians, a Indie Rock Band right out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn provides beats that are cross between rock, some pop, and constantly guitar riffs. The band’s music, which is sampled on this blog, is new wave of rock music with that indie, hipster sound. While listening to the songs, I felt as though I was in a Brooklyn cafe, or lounge surrounded by the young hipsters and artist rocking out to the music and appreciating live performances.

Want to know more about these bands? Come to AF Sessions this Sunday at The Tank NYC 151 West 46th Street New York, NY (btween 6th & 7th Aves)

Take the 1,2,3,7,N,R,A,C,E to Times Square

Tickets are $15 

Hope to see you there!

AF Sessions is a live cultural arts performance component of the Artsy Fartsy Show fulfilling it’s mission to make art accessible to everyone. Artsy Fartsy Show is a project of ARTSPIRE, a program of New York Foundation for the Arts, a 501(c)(3). Support the Artsy Fartsy Show with a tax-deductible donation today.