“If you imagine it, you can dream it. Dream it and you can become it” is the motto I live by. You can ultimately do anything you desire if you put your mind, heart, and dedication into it. Allow me to introduce myself: My name’s LaQuan Bell and I just started interning on the Artsy Fartsy Show and also intern on the No Questions Asked Show, which are both house under WBAI 99.5 Pacifica Radio. I also intern at the Maury Povich Show under NBC Universial.

You may say to yourself, “Wow, this kid is doing a lot, how does he manage it all?” And I will say to you: “I would like to know the samething” lol. My goal is to gain as much knowledge possible about the business from these internships. As an aspiring radio disk jockey and talk show host, these outlets are providing me with the opportunity to see the ins and outs of the full production of these shows. With much hard work that goes into behind the scenes, it all pays off when the cameras go on or that “On-Air” light flashes grren. I’m just getting started but I am learning so much. I am grateful to be granted with these many great opportunities to creatively express myself.

As a college student currently in New York, I’m just a free thinker, media junkie, occasional loudmouth, hot topics guy, and just an opinionated, outgoing person. Thanks Artsy Fartsy and WBAI for having me on board ! This is only the beginning.