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You think you’ve seen it all when it comes to Sex? You have no idea. This lady puts even Hugh Hefner to shame. Domina Victoria Rage, a professional Dominatrix and BDSM Blogger shows her visitors a different side to sex; one that is adventurous, caters to fantasies, and taking control over your sexuality. Ms. Rage, who runs her company in Seattle, has been stirring up huge buzz and the Artsy Fartsy Show wanted an inside scoop on her profession, artwork, where it all started, and a look into the world of Dominatrix.

Each week, we look at our Twitter followers to see which one is stirring up the most interests, who is working on something creative, unique, and different, and someone who just essentially stands out. Domina Victoria Rage is the FIRST Twitter follower in our blog interviewing series. Take a look at our conversation with Ms.Dominatrix herself:

What do you think about the Artsy Fartsy Show this week?

 I’m new to your program but I adore it! I’m streaming it this morning and catching up on your blog. This is such a wonderful resource for the art community!

How do you display sex as an art form through your work which can be viewed on both your blog and website?

 It’s a little tricky to get the full scope of my work through my online presence but I try to make it as visible and accessible for everyone as possible. The actual art comes in the form of the live sessions I produce for my visitors as well as the experiences and memories I leave them with. It’s a very powerful and emotionally charged exchange; my postings simply try to encapsulate that.

 With permission, I often chronicle my sessions as well as posting emails of my visitors afterthoughts and photos (taken and posted with permission) on my blog. It’s only a small peek into my world, but it’s just enough to entice most people into experiencing me for themselves,

 For those who aren’t familiar with “Dominatrix”, can you explain what the field is?

 A Dominatrix is a woman who takes the dominant role in a BDSM  exchange. For me personally, I’m equal parts erotic guide, ass kicker, therapist, seductress, Mistress, catalyst and facilitator. I cater to fantasies dealing with BDSM and welcome visitors who have curiosities similar to mine to play and experience our mutual interests within my dungeon. It’s the best job in the world!

What inspired you to pursue a career in the Dominatrix industry?

For as long as I’ve been fantasizing, I’ve been kinky.

 I tied up the boys in grade school, nearly got expelled for spanking my girlfriends on playgrounds and in high school, routinely made boys carry my books, backpack and umbrella while escorting me to class. I even had one devoted admirer who would skip eating his lunch so he could kneel next to me and polish my boots while we shared a short half hour mid day break period.

 I ALWAYS drew people to me who wanted to be displayed, subjugated, punished and controlled. Seeing their satisfaction in being treated that way made me crave the feeling of power and control to an undeniable degree.

 I actually learned BDSM was a legitimate profession when I was about 15, and from then on, I was hooked. I waited 3 years (it was agonizing) until my 18th birthday so I could legally apply at a local dungeon in Ft Lauderdale. I was overjoyed when I was hired and count my blessings everyday that I was able to start my path so early in life. I’m turning 28 next month and will be celebrating my 10 year anniversary as a Pro Domme. I love that I have so much experience under my belt at such a young age because there’s not much limitation on what I can safely and creatively offer at this point…and I still consider this to be just the tip of the iceberg as far as my career is concerned.

 How do the folks in Seattle react to your art work? Was it difficult in the beginning?

 Seattle is a very open minded place!  I’m astounded at how curious and interested people are in things that are still considered very taboo in other states.

 I find that people are often more fascinated and curious about what I do than anything else, so I’ve had a number of engaging conversations over the last couple of years! That said, there’s only a handful of highly skilled professional women in this line of work but the ones here have really set a high bar, they’re true professionals!

 I knew I had my work cut out for me when I chose to move here, but fortunately I found my niche! I have very precise specialties that aren’t too common (even here) so I’ve had a rather warm reception to my presence!

 What message are you trying to convey in the work that you produce?

 If I had any message to offer, it would be that it’s okay to indulge your fantasies, and yes, it’s as simple as that.

 You don’t get to choose what turns you on so there’s no reason to complicate things by over thinking the reasons why you like what you like. If you happen to be attracted to something that seems a little unconventional, just go with it. See where it leads!

 People will always be happier when they allow themselves to be swept up and curious about something. It doesn’t change the person you are and it’s perfectly natural and alright to explore…it’s human nature.

 Given America’s taboo and often conservative view on sex, how do you deal with the negative criticism?

 Fortunately I’m not really exposed to negative feedback that often. I don’t buy into the fact that sex is still taboo because quite frankly, I can throw a rock and hit 3 adult stores from where I live. I can also go online with a valid credit card and access millions of websites catering to anything and everything I want to see. America IS horny – they just don’t want to admit it openly.

As for me personally, I know there will always be people who hear I work in the “sex industry” and that will brad me automatically as a dirty, deviant hedonist, but I’m having way too much fun to really be bothered with that! I will never try to force someone to approve of something they’re not comfortable with. All I can do is offer a way for them to understand and find out more if and when they’re ready.

 What is the American sex identity in your opinion? How do you link sex and culture in your work?

I don’t purposely link sex and culture in my work at all, actually I try to detach the two as much as possible. What I’m offering is freedom – unabashed and total freedom – a few hours at a time.

 The American sexual identity is still one that is learning to open up and come to terms with its primal wants and needs. People need permission to explore their erotic selves and I think that’s why women like me have been so fruitful over the last few decades. We’re attempting to undo years of repression and self denial and I firmly believe we’re starting to gain some ground.

Her blogsite and website can be found here:

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