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Salvage – Theatre 4


As the caption reads, this play was a brilliant look at the lives of 3 women on the very edge. Each role equally as interesting and extremely memorizing to say the least. The roles ranged from an elderly mother who had recently lost her son. A distraught ex-girlfriend who had been a huge staple in the elderly mothers’ sons life. Lastly the role of the elderly mothers daughter who had looked up to her brothers ex-girlfriend a great deal.

The setting made perfect sense as the opening scene displayed the depiction of old boxes, old baggage that had to be sift through to determine what items to keep and what items to let go. Boxes that belonged to the deceased son. These boxes represented many memories to all three women. The ex-girlfriend being very adamant to get to old love letters written to her formerly beloved ex-boyfriend, tore open boxes viciousl. The ex-girlfriend being accused of writing a book and defaming her ex-boyfriend and scarring him for life, detested the notion and suggested that it was a random character who she wrote about in the book. Both the mother and the daughter of the deceased son, recognized what the ex-girlfriends motives were and offered her an ultimatum. The mother agreed to let her have all of the love letters, in exchange for taking her mentally scarred daughter with her on the road for her book tour. A request in which she denied. This was a fantastic play and definitely a highlight of this years 2012 Fringe festival.